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Fiction: “Deliveries”

This story I either hate or love, depending on my mood at the time.  It originally started out as this supernatural X-Files-style story but now I consider it a sort of “Secret Government” X-Files thing.  It began with a “what’s it like to die” idea, and I think Allen does kind of “die” in the end and becomes a better man because of it.  Either that or I’m a hack and the story is pointless.  Take your pick, you could make a case for either.  Story after the break.

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“Here There Be Vampyres”

Here’s the first of my “back catalog” of stories I wrote in or slightly after college.  It’s called “Here There Be Vampyres” and it’s my own version of the “hell is cyclical” concept.  I admit it’s a tired concept for a story, but it was one of the first I ever wrote.  It was inspired by Neil Gaiman’s story “The Troll Bridge.” He did it much better than I did, of course, because he’s brilliant and I’m not.

I actually submitted this story to a Flash Fiction contest and it won an honorable mention, so that’s cool.  Maybe I should add that to my “Notoriety”  page…

Anyway, story after the break.  I’d really like to know what you think, if you’re inclined to read it.

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