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Cold as Ice

Ok, so the string of snow storms apparently wasn’t enough.  It was so icy this morning that my car was frozen shut and the sidewalks were so slippery I literally just stood there and slid to the parking lot on my shoes.  There was a slight downward plane, so it was actually kind of easy.  Luckily for me, immediately after I declared my inability to go to work, they called and informed me they were closed for the day.  At least it made for a few good photos of the trees right outside my front door.  I thought about going inside to get my camera but I was afraid of being attacked by a Tauntaun so I just used my phone.


Winter Storm

We’re still digging out from a storm this past Wednesday/Thursday that splashed about a foot of snow.  It was great because I got a day off from work, but I did have to shovel and clean off the car, which was awful.  It’s still causing problems out there, but things are clear and all that.

A few days ago I went out to my shed to put some stuff away.  I turned around and saw the building’s electric meters just covered in this melange of massive icicles and sheaths of thick ice.  Naturally, I grabbed the camera and decided to have a little fun.  I snapped off a bunch of shots and kept going until I got too cold.

I’m going to have some fun with these and do some weird processing and such.  I was originally planning to post the good ones in one big group, but I think I’m going to experiment with different looks so I’ll post them individually, as they’ll each probably be immensely different.

Here’s my first offering…two for the price of one!

iPhonetography: Calm After the Storm

The Great Blizzard of 2011:  Two Days Later

Lens:  John S

Film:  Pistil

Flash:  Off

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

Come summertime, I’ll be taking a lot of photos in Brigantine, New Jersey.  I got a head start over the weekend with a quick, frozen weekend at the new family house.  The neighbors across the street are doing work on their dock, and I headed over to see what was going on and I took some photos:

It’s going to be a pretty cool summer with much beachiness (and I huge helping of U2, which I’ll discuss at a later date), and I can’t wait to put my camera to good use.

iPhonetography: Frozen Beach

Snow, ice and…sand?  Sounds like a great vacation.

iPhonetography: Backwater

This is a new film in the Hipstamatic collection, and it might be my favorite.  It’s called Claunch 72 Monochrome.  It’s one of the more realistic black and white films I’ve used in this app; it’s just perfect.

In regards to the photograph, I took this just to test out the new film pack, but I loved the lines from the electrical cables in the top of the photo.  It all seemed to come together nicely.

Lens:  Kaimal Mark II

Film:  Claunch 72 Monochrome

Flash:  Off

No Line on the Horizon

“I know a girl who’s like a sea.

I watch her changing every day for me.”


Aperture:  f/11

ISO:  400

Shutter Speed:  1/500

Focal Length:  38mm

By the way, this is the first “official” photo of 2011.

iPhonetography: The January Atlantic

There’s something a little sad and kind of creepy about a deserted, icy beach in the middle of January.

Brigantine, New Jersey

Lens:  Jimmy

Film:  DreamCanvas

Flash:  Off

Impact: Guess the Photo

At first glance this looks like  a stunning image of a massive asteroid colliding with a beautiful alien waterworld:

Obviously, it’s not.  I’m neither in space nor close enough to a crazy-distant planet to capture such a unique event.  So what is it?  It is, of course, taken here on Earth, under rather common circumstances.  The subject matter is so simple that I guarantee there’s not a person on Earth who can figure out what it is.  It’s not a painting or any sort of art, though.

So, who cares to guess what this is actually a photo of?  Click below for the answer.

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iPhonetography: Snow Day

First snow day of the year!  I shoveled, I slept, I watched TV, I played video games…best of all, I didn’t go to work.  I never did get a chance to go for a walk in the snow to take photos, but I’m sure it will snow again.

I took a break from shoveling to snap off a few shots with my phone…I liked these two the most:

iPhone App:  Hipstamatic

Lens:  Lucifer VI

Film:  BlacKeys SuperGrain

iPhone App:  Hipstamatic

Lens:  Salvador 84

Film:  BlacKeys B+W

That Salvador lens always produces the weirdest, most wonderful images.  I should use it more often.