Weigh-In: Week Four

Can I get a drum roll with some confetti cannons and other such celebratory awesomeness?  I hit 200 pounds this week, which marks the 10 pound mark of my weight loss program.  It’s also a 15 pound loss since the summer.  I never did come up with any sort of reward for the 1/3 benchmark, but that’s ok.  I’m on a roll right now, which is nice, because it helps me stay on track when I see donuts sitting in the staff room and that Boston Creme just keeps haunting me.

Even though I’ve lost 3 pounds in each of the past two weeks, I’m still setting my sights at a 2-pound loss for next week, which makes my next target 198.  It would mark my first time getting under 200 pounds in like, a really long time.

Programmer’s Note:  Due to the multiple festivities of the coming weekend, I will A) not be on any degree of a diet program and B) not checking in next week.  Let’s call it a birthday gift to myself.  So tune in two weeks from today for the Week 6 weigh-in.


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