The Devil Won’t Let Me Be – Musical Musings?

I have nothing to say at the moment, so here’s more music…

The Black Keys:  Sinister Kid

The sign of a good band is when they play their songs live and it’s 1000% better than anything they’ve released on CD, or mp3, or whatever media is in vogue at the time.  Nothing sucks more than when you go to see a band whose album you’ve been enjoying only to find they lack the chops to play to a crowd.

I’ve always been a fan of The Black Keys, but it wasn’t until Sarah took me to see them at the Electric Factory two years ago that I really fell in love with them.  They put on such a great show with tremendous energy that I almost prefer to root out live videos on YouTube instead of listening to their albums.  I recently bought their iTunes session live album, and it is just amazing.  I’ve barely played any of their back catalog since I got it, as they just have a swagger that’s impossible to replicate in a studio.  This is one of the bigger reasons for my U2 fanaticism, but I won’t go there or else I’ll bore you for hours.

Hey, how about that, I had something to say after all…


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