Things ain’t like they used to be.

I’m currently in the process of switching from expensive cable to cheap over-the-air television and streaming internet content.  It’s liberating financially (saving about $100 a month) and it’s certainly simplified my television setup.  But it got me thinking about how lately I’ve been ditching all of these things I’ve grown up with in favor of something newer and much more abstract.

I can go back about six years to when I bought my iPod.  I still have the same one, although it’s on it’s last legs and it won’t be long until I finally need a new one.  At the time, it was a nice supplement to CDs; I could take my music wherever I went, but I still listened to my CDs at home.  Over time, I relied more and more on the iPod and my computer for iTunes.  It eventually came to be that I never touched a CD, and I hadn’t bought one in a year.  So a little over a year ago I sold my entire collection, about 600 CDs, and bought a Fender Telecaster, though that’s a story for another time.  I haven’t bought a real CD in over two years and not only is my tiny apartment clutter-free, but I haven’t missed it one single bit.

My divorce from cable means I can stream high definition movies and shows to my TV whenever I want.  With Netflix I can get any DVD or Blu-Ray I want.  With a few exceptions, I don’t really see myself ever buying DVDs again.  I’d probably pick up my favorite movies and shows on Blu-Ray, just for fun.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see my DVD collection go the way of my CD collection…and I hope that if it does, I at least get another new guitar out of it.

Then there are books.  I really, really want a Nook and I’m hoping to find one under the metaphorical birthday tree.  Will this usher in an age of bookless living?  I’ve already cleared some books out of my house to make space (do you see a theme there?  Babies take up a lot of room).  People keep saying there’s nothing like a real book, but something tells me that, at least for me, these are heading for extinction as well.

From all of this, I can’t help but see myself living a much more ascetic lifestyle.  Everything I want for entertainment will be consolidated into tiny little devices I can take anywhere.  It’s terrifying and pretty great at the same time.

I guess the future’s finally arrived.


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