Weigh-In: Week One

Week one of the Great 2011 Weight Loss Scheme is in the books to mixed reviews.  I began the week at 210 pounds (210.3 to be exact), and ended with this morning’s weigh in at 209 pounds exactly.

The good:  I lost a pound (technically 1.3).

The bad:  My goal weight for this morning was 208 and I didn’t reach it.

I have been weighing myself more or less every morning.  I know this isn’t recommended, but I prefer to have the constant “instant gratification” carrot of knowing exactly where I stand on any given day.  It keeps me focused and reminds me that I really shouldn’t have that granola bar and it would probably be better for me to be a little hungry.  What’s most frustrating is that my unofficial weight on Thursday morning came in at 207.  I understand it can fluctuate wildly, which is why I really only count the Monday weigh-ins.  One of those numbers (207 or 209) is probably some sort of fluke.

Each week I’m probably going to have to make some sort of adjustment.  This week, there are two things I need to work on:

1.  WATER!!!  I drank a lot of water last week, but I found myself slacking off on the weekend and toward the end of each day.  I definitely didn’t hit my water goals and I need to work on that.

2.  Snacks.  Just because I have enough calories in my daily budget to eat 2 snacks after dinner doesn’t mean I should.  Every few days, yes.  Every day, no.

Tune in next week.


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