Back to Work

After a wonderful two week holiday vacation, I found myself
trudging down the Northeast Extension back to work today with a
slew of Christmas swag in tow. My desk is now full of teas,
mints, candy, trail mix and assorted flavored coffees from
Starbucks. I do love Via for work-related coffee
drinking. Oh and I have a whole bag of pistachios that I just
want to devour right now. My favorite piece of desk candy
though is this little guy:

It’s a little
devilish Ned Flanders! Sarah gave it to me for Christmas,
along with a Flyers desk calendar and a book and some chocolate
that didn’t last three days. That’s great and all, but Devil
Ned takes the cake. I just have to stop people from touching
it all day. If it’s anything like the Dwight Schrute
bobblehead it will just be a magnet for hands. I’m not sure how I’m
going to be able to handle all this deliciousness in such close
proximity considering my pledge to lose 30 pounds beginning…well,
today. Swedish Fish aren’t a part of any diet plan I’m aware
of, but if anyone knows of a routine that relies of Swedish Fish
consumption, please let me know immediately.


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