5 Photographical Resolutions for 2011

Yeah, so, it’s 2011, and I’m told it’s customary to make some resolutions of things you want to work on or improve upon for the new year.  This year, aside from my vow to lose 25 pounds, I am going to focus on improving my photography skills and creating images that are more expressive.  So here are five things I pledge to improve upon (photographically) in 2011:

1)  Use my camera phone every day.  I can’t carry my Nikon around with me everywhere I go, but I do carry my iPhone with me at all times (pssst!  It’s right next to me now).  I resolve to take photos with it (most likely using Hipstamatic or Polarize) every day.  Of course, most of them won’t show up on here because they will suck, but that leads me to resolution #2:

2)  Put my photos out there more frequently.  I’m my own worst critic and about 90% of the photos I take either get deleted or relegated to some folder deep in my hard drive.  Lately though, I’ve learned that some of the photos I consider to be “eeeeh, kinda crappy” are actually received very well by many other people.  I need to be a little less demanding and just put my stuff out there.  If someone doesn’t like it, hopefully they’ll tell me why and I can, you know, learn something.

3)  Be active(r) in photography communities.  I try to be active in the JPG Magazine community as much as possible, but I want to use 2011 to participate more in places like Flickr, 1x, and I can’t think of any more off the top of my head.  You get the point.

4)  Take my time.  No more “shoot from the hip” (except for my iPhone photos).  No more quick and dirty processing.  I’m going to take my time and think about the photos and put more effort into processing them into what I see in my head.  This past year I had better success in creating the images I see in my mind, and I will build on that in 2011.

5)  Get out more.  I don’t make enough time to really go out and take photos.  I need to do more of that.

So that’s it.  Five resolutions for 2011.  What are yours?


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2 responses to “5 Photographical Resolutions for 2011

  • chezkiri

    Great resolutions! Funny thing, lately I have been using my iPhone so much that I probably should make a resolution to go back to using my dslr. The apps to process photos on the iphone makes using the iPhone as a primary camera so much fun.


  • Jaimé

    #’s 2 through 5 are all me as well… from what I see, your photographs are beautiful, not that I’m an expert, but you should def begin to give yourself a little credit! Good luck with your resolutions!

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