Tuesday Link-O-Rama

1.  The 10 Best Photographic Portraits.  A set of 10 portraits chosen by The Observer as the best ever, I assume.  Check out Anton Corbijn’s stunning shot of John Lee Hooker (er, John Lee Hooker’s hand, that is).  Best one of the bunch by far.

2.  Leica’s First Digital Camera. Digital cameras are so commonplace it’s almost difficult to imagine a world where film is king.  This is the Leica S1, one of the first digital cameras in the world, straight out of 1996.  It was basically a small flatbed scanner that captured images…slowly (to the tune of three minutes a photo).

3.  Drowning Beautiful.  This is my favorite of the bunch.   Artist Jason de Caires Taylor created dozens of concrete sculptures of various people and then submerged them into the sea, where they became a beautiful hotbed of marine life.  The concept itself is amazing but the photos are just mind-blowing.


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