OMG Santa is real!

Yes, I am going to abuse Christmas as blog-fodder as shamelessly as I can until January smacks us in the face with an icy fist.  Then maybe I’ll be able to find some pots to bang together, or something.

See, I knew Santa Claus wasn’t just a pretense concocted by generations of parents to stifle their children into obedience through the specter of a jolly Big Brother.  I KNEW HE WAS REAL!!!!!  Physics proves it!!  GO PHYSICS!!!

Santa is Real – Surviving the World Lesson 821

Also, in the interest of full disclosure and unbiased blogism, I feel it necessary to say that I have been telling my daughter (who is four months old) that Santa is watching and that if she doesn’t finish her bottles Santa won’t be happy.  I no longer feel so bad about it.


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