I’m dumb.

This has the beginnings of a really bad piece of fiction.  I woke up this morning for work and it generally seemed to be a pretty normal morning.  I was really awake and refreshed, which was odd considering that it was 6am and I never really like getting up that early.  I looked out the window; everything looked fine and normal.  I had breakfast, got ready for work, warmed up the car.  On the way I noticed there was less traffic, but it was subtle.  There were enough cars that I didn’t feel like the roads were empty but they were few enough that I was blazing through intersections and making tremendous time.  I was really happy with myself.  Then I had a sudden realization (you may have figured it out):

Last night, I arm-wrestled with Daylight Savings Time and it kicked my ass.

I completely forgot to reset the clocks.  It wasn’t 6:30 in the morning that I left the house.  It was 5:30.  And by the time I realized this it was almost 6.  I was too far to go home, so I went on my way.  Now, here I am at my desk, almost 2 hours early, thinking about how dumb I am.

The funniest part is, I was so awake this morning, but then when I realized it was an hour earlier I started to feel tired.  So I bought some coffee at Wawa.  Costa Rican blend…I hope it’s good.  It’s still too hot to drink.

So yeah, the moral of the story: I’m dumb.  Also, always remember to reset your clocks.  Thanks.


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