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Christmas, U2 Style

Tomorrow’s December; Thanksgiving is over; the tree is up; I guess that mean’s it’s Christmas.  Naturally, I have to find a way to relate this to U2, because, well, I have a U2 addiction problem.  So for your listening pleasure I have three wonderful U2 Christmas numbers, listed in reverse order of favoritism.

3.  “Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)” – I’ll be honest: as a Christmas song I’m not really a fan of this one.  It doesn’t really have the Christmas vibe most other songs have.

2.  “Happy X-Mas (War is Over)” by John Lennon – Ok, first of all, the video is terrible quality.  But it’s a Lennon song and it always sounds good, no matter who’s singing it.

1.  “I Believe in Father Christmas” by Greg Lake – Best of the bunch.  The visuals are stunning and that little melody in the beginning sounds like it was written just for The Edge.  Not only a good song, but a great video.

Merry Christmas!


It occurs to me that I am America.

It occurred to me this morning that while this thing is called a “blog,” and subsequently that the inherent nature of a “blog” is to write, I rarely do.  I mostly post photos, strange things I find laying around the interwebs, and the occasional stupid rant.  And a ton of Star Wars stuff.  I imagine part of it is because I’m still trying to figure out exactly what this blog is all about, but another part of it is that I often don’t really have anything to say.  The reality of it is probably that those two things are intertwined…I don’t know what to say because I don’t really know the true focus of Ridiculosity.  I look at this blog like a living thing and my hope is that one day it will naturally evolve into something more interesting…maybe it already has and I simply haven’t been made aware yet.  Who knows.

Now for something more substantive.  Over Thanksgiving break I took a trip downtown and walked around with my camera.  I like to do this whenever I can as it gives me a chance to work on things and try to create something interesting.  I usually have something I’m trying to work on; this time I was determined to focus on composition rather than my typical “shoot from the hip” style.  Overall, it worked out well for me.  Also, I wanted to present the images in a different way.  I tend to process my images for detail and sharpness, and they’re usually pretty high-contrast, but this time around I’ve been focusing on making the photos softer and less-sharp (very technical, I know).  These two photographs below are my favorites from the day and a perfect example of what I was trying to do.  They may not be my best photos, but I’m pleased with them because I was able to make them look much like what I saw in my head.  These were taken at Franklin Court and Penn’s Landing, respectively.


Reconstructing the Past

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

It’s officially Christmas! I hope you’ve been shopping for me.

Enjoy your turkey everyone!

Someone used to live here

Ben Franklin’s House, and it’s new inhabitant.

Getting Around

Again, blurry, but that’s why I liked it.

Publications, Part Deux

You may recall earlier in the life of this blog that I was hawking 491 Magazine, featuring one of the photos from my Eastern State series.  Excitingly, another photo from that series will be featured in the next issue of Side B Magazine, though I won’t tell you which one.  Don’t want to spoil the anticipation or anything, you know how it is.  Check out what the magazine/blog is all about through the link below, and while you’re at it, check out what’s going on over at 491, buy a copy of the magazine (Issue 2) and feel free to check out my own store here and pick up some prints to give to your loved ones for Christmas or Festivus or Hanukkah or whatever you wish.


Side B Magazine

491 Magazine, Issue 2

The Ridiculosity Store (Brian Betteridge Photography)

Don’t go in

I like this because it looks like a weird, surreal painting of some sort.  That’s just a pretentious way of saying “it’s a blurry photo but I think it looks nice anyway.”

Fire in the Sky