Star Wars Debauchery – Rumor Mill Edition

First of all, apparently there’s a live-action Star Wars TV series in the works that I had no idea about.  It will supposedly take place between Episodes III and IV, focus on secondary characters, blah blah blah.  I doubt it will happen and if it does it will probably be awful.

But now there’s a (denied) rumor that Mr. Lucas will be working on a NEW trilogy once the 3D movies are finished and hit theaters.  This is interesting.  This is a future trilogy that will take place up to 1000 years after Episode VI, so way up in the Expanded Universe Timeline.  My Post-VI “history” isn’t that good so I have no idea what could possibly happen.

Will this happen?  Again, I doubt it. Lucas is getting up there in years and doesn’t exactly work at the quickest of paces.  It’s a fun rumor though.

From wired


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