Star Wars Debauchery: New Book Edition

Here I go again, pirating some Gizmodo wonderfulness.  Vanity Fair (and Gizmodo) published a series of mind-blowing photos from the new “The Making of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back” book.  Aside from being the best of the entire series (and the whole Star Wars universe with the exception of the Knights of the Old Republic RPG…that was just incredible), Empire has some of the most memorable moments and visuals.  That image of Vader doing the whole “I’m your father” thing while Luke hangs precariously over some dingy looking mattresses is surreal.

I want this book.  It’s $50.  I don’t have $50 to spare, so if some kind reader would be so, well, kind, as to jump off their unicorn and order it for me I’d be forever happy.  For that mythical benevolent soul, you can order it here.  Otherwise, check out Vanity Fair’s excerpt here.


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