My Morning Commute

This morning I got hit by the dreaded double-traffic-whammy on my way to work.  I was coming up on the 5th construction zone of the morning when it started to rain.  The cars in front of me pretty much went nuts and stopped up traffic for a good half mile.  People seem to be completely unable to handle construction zones and rain at the same time.  (For that matter, people can’t seem to handle driving and chewing gum at the same time).

I imagine the whole ordeal went something like this:

Oh my, it’s raining.  I should reduce my speed by 25 mph to avoid having an acci…OH MY GOD A CRANE!  AND A BACKHOE!  SWEET BABY JESUS LOOK AT THAT BULLDOZER!  IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL!  The perfect geometrical symmetry!  Such wonderful poetry against the rainy background…What?  I’m driving?  Oh yeah!  Well, I can’t go too fast, it is raining after all.  But I will miss the construction vehicles!  Such wonderful machines.  Goodbye, sweet backhoe, I hardly knew you.  Beep.  Beep.

Seriously people, just drive…don’t stop and stare at the construction workers.  Thanks.  I have places to be.


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