Someone peed in my whisky.

via gizmodo.  and boingboing.  and other places too, I’m sure…

Whisky.  Made from urine.  Specifically the urine of elderly diabetics.  Now, to be fair, it doesn’t contain any actual urine; the makers purify the urine, remove the sugars (elderly diabetics excrete a lot of sugar), and use the sugar in the fermentation process to create Gilpin Family Whisky.  Hey at least the bottle is cool, right?

For the record, I really like whisky, but I’m not drinking this anytime soon.  You can’t buy it; James Gilpin is giving it away, maybe to prove that urine’s not so weird after all, maybe because he’s crazy, I don’t know.  Actually, he’s crazy either way.  Regardless, even if I could buy it, I’m not going near it.  Someone pissed in it.


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