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Alex Ovechkin is one scary guy

Creepiest commercial ever.  Ovechkin’s pimping CCM hockey gear now…and by Ovechkin I mean his head.  It’s almost like he’s on Futurama.  Hopefully you won’t hear that laugh in your dreams. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!

Click It!


Tokyo Night


Fun Music: What’s a Vampire Weekend Anyway?

I’ve had Vampire Weekend’s latest CD, “Contra,” sitting on my iTunes for a while and I never got around to listening to it until this morning on the way to work.  It’s pretty good, but I like the self-titled debut better; that one’s a little catchier and more fun.  Maybe I have to listen to it a few more times.

This is “Mansard Roof,” my favorite Vampire Weekend song, and it just happens to be from their first album.

This is what the inside of my pocket looks like.

What does this even mean?!?!?!?!?!?!

Saw this on the Blue Route yesterday.  So, you drive like a sparkly, whiny emo bloodsucker?  How does one do that?

This is really stupid but I think maybe there’s good money to be made here, so I came up with some Edward Cullen slogans of my own that are far better:

I Spelunk Like A Cullen

I Solve Differential Equations Like A Cullen

I Smile Like A Cullen

I Move Furniture Like A Cullen

I Knit Like A Cullen

Have any more?  The more ridiculous the better.

Storm’s A’Brewin’

They’re messing with us, right?


I decided that this is a sign for a construction workers’ picnic.

I came home yesterday to find this sign at the end of the sidewalk.  I can’t help but think it’s some sort of cruel joke that only construction workers really get, and  that they sit there in their massive, traffic-clogging trucks laughing at all us losers who are constantly at their road-working mercy.

First of all, it’s not visible from the road.  It’s not even visible from the parking lot.  You can only read it if you walk down the sidewalk to the mailboxes, which doesn’t do much for the motorists.  Second, what is this, someone’s lunch?  Fresh oil and chips makes me think of when you go to an Italian restaurant and they give you a plate of seasoned olive oil with bread and things to dip in it.  Or fish & chips.

Actually, that makes me kind of hungry.

We don’t need no education

School’s been back for two weeks now but I’m just getting around to acknowledging it because I’m lazy.  But that also means it’s autumn now, which means the following things of greatness are soon to be upon us:  apple cider, oktoberfest beers, the World Series, pumpkins, haunted hayrides, stupid costumes and a whole lot of candy.  Then it’s Christmas time, obviously, which is an entirely different beast.  I’m going to stop summarizing seasons now because it’s kind of stupid and pointless.  The point I’m really trying to make is that I like the fall.  I don’t know why I spent so long spewing crap to say that.

On a semi-unrelated note, I really like both of these photos and it just so happens they’re school-related.


Dude, I’m on Twitter

Yep.  Twitter.  We’ll see how this ridiculous little experiment goes.