The world’s first digital camera

via Gizmodo (via the New York Times.  via Kodak.  In other words, this post is completely unoriginal and a sad excuse for blogging.  Sorry.)

Digital cameras are everywhere.  You can find them in your pocket, your phone, or buried in a teddy bear to catch the babysitter drinking your milk and not replacing it.  Or your wife/husband cheating on you, whatever you want.  There’s even a tiny digital camera staring at me right now in the form of a built-in webcam on the lid of my laptop.  I never use it, but that’s beside the point.

It’s hilarious to look at this massive chunk of machine and even think it could be considered a digital camera.  Does it upload to Facebook???  Even more fascinatingly, it recorded digital images on a CASSETTE TAPE and you could look at them on a TV.  Apparently, focus groups thought it was dumb and useless.  Brilliant.  What a shame.


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