Pretty Mistakes

I make a lot of mistakes.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve taken a picture of something and gotten it up on my computer screen only to make a face that looks like I just ate broccoli.  It happens much more frequently that I’d like to admit; at a guess, I’d say approximately 85% of my photos end up looking like they were taken by someone with some debilitating illness, or at best, a 5-year old.  The lucky 15% turn out pretty good, with maybe 3 or 4 photos ending up being what I would consider presentable.

My crappy little cell phone photos are a different story.  The cheap processing makes bad photos seem quirky, which heightens the charm for me.  This one here is different.  I was messing around with my phone this morning while stuck in traffic, looking at some old shots I had taken over the weekend to see if there were any I liked.  The camera gods smiled on me and my finger brushed the shutter button on the screen and the phone snapped off this picture.  I didn’t even realize it at first, until this popped up on the screen.  It was a complete and total accident, but I really like it.  It’s quirky.


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