You’re So F***in’ Special

It’s going to take a lot to top Amanda Palmer’s EP of Radiohead ukulele covers.  Seriously, ukulele?  You either have to be completely crazy or brilliant to pull that off.  Something makes me think Ms. Palmer’s a little bit of both.

Side note:  you should check out The Dresden Dolls.

Typically I prefer it when an artist takes a song and just completely turns it around (i.e., Cash’s “Hurt” or Buckley’s “Hallelujah”) into something new and, sometimes, better.

So anyway, back to Radiohead.  “Creep” is one of my favorite Radiohead songs, and I thought Amanda Palmer did a pretty good job.  Then tonight I was running through my iTunes library and found Damien Rice’s “Creep” cover, which is pretty top-notch.

Because I have an internet-related disease called “clickalotitis,’ (don’t mess that word up), I had to go on a quest to find all the covers of “Creep” I could find.  Why?  Because I can.

And here they are:


Did I miss any?


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2 responses to “You’re So F***in’ Special

  • lindseytinsey

    Wow. I love this song and I had no idea that KoRn covered it. Or maybe I did and didn’t really realise it?
    But anway. You should YouTube the choir version of Creep. A group called Scala & Kolacny Brothers

  • Brian


    I’m usually not a fan of choir-y things, but that was really good. I really enjoyed the piano treatment they gave it; it added a little extra sensitivity to it. Thanks for the suggestion!

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