Star Wars Debauchery – Deleted Scene Edition

George Lucas is re-releasing all six Star Wars movies on Blu-Ray soon…and it’s enough to make me very, very sad that I lack a Blu-Ray player and a nice little HDTV.  The fanciest I get is an upconvert DVD player (which does NOTHING) and an old Magnavox with weird lines in the screen.  I’m sure that’s some sort of defect on my part. Did you know I’m socially disabled?  Maybe I’ll tell you more about that later, if you’re lucky, but I digress.

While only the special edition versions are being released (no original theatrical versions on Blu-Ray…too expensive, apparently), Lucas made up for it by inserting a deleted scene into Return of the Jedi featuring Luke building a lightsaber and Darth Vader doing some magical force-telekinesis and looking like a BAMF.  It’s enough to make the fanboy in me squeal.  Not that I did or anything!  What would make you think I did?

Anyway, here’s the scene.  It’s a crap “let me film the screen with my phone” recording, because everyone knows that’s the best way to watch bootlegged movies.  Ignore the cheering and such.


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