More things that drive me nuts: Construction

A little while ago I had a little mini-rant on the scourge that is traffic.  I believe I related it to the Devil, and not even the good kind of Devil because traffic can’t play a golden fiddle.  Then there is my ongoing battle with Vishnu at Dunkin’ Donuts and his ridiculous cream and sugar routine with my daily coffee (at this point I think he’s purposefully trying to mess with me).  While both of those things drive me nuts on some basic level even I don’t fully comprehend, neither of them are as awful as parasitic Pennsylvania construction.

The entire state (and by the entire state I mean Central Bucks County, where I spend most of my time, because doesn’t the world revolve around me?), is under construction.  You can’t get anywhere without encountering those obnoxious orange signs and the guys standing around doing pretty much nothing.  Last week, everywhere I went there were crews with huge WET EPOXY signs installing new reflectors.  EVERYWHERE.  It’s a good thing they put them in too, because the yellow lines are just so hard to see.

But now Penndot’s infesting the traffic-less sanctuarys of back roads.  I’ve come to expect it on the bigger, more arterial roads, not on the boondock back-country farm roads that look a little too much like Kansas for comfort.  Needless to say I’m upset (can’t you tell?).  My normal traffic-avoiding route is going to be closed and I’m going to be stuck sitting in two miles of uphill gridlock just to get to my house.  Thanks, Penndot.  I’ll be sure to send you a Christmas card.

I bet Vishnu has something to do with this…

Sidenote: I did a little redesign over at  Nothing special, but you should still go check it out.


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