UPDATED: New U2 Song(s) = The Reason I Live

U2’s back (get it?  GET IT!?!?!) and they have a new song.  It’s called “Glastonbury” and was supposedly written for the Glastonbury Festival (which U2 had to pull out of because of Bono’s back surgery).  It’s not a bad song, but it’s not great either; I can’t hear it too clearly, but it seems to have a nice rock to it and I always enjoy a solid chimey Edge solo.  Lyrically it might be a little clumsy, but if it really was written for the festival it’s not much more than a novelty song.   They played another new one called “North Star” but I haven’t found it yet.  When I do you can bet it’ll be here.

I’m glad they’re back on tour, but as an avid show-collector and setlist follower, I was disappointed to see that opening night in Turin is missing two of my favorite songs: “Breathe” and “Ultraviolet.”  All I can say is that when they roll into Philadelphia and New York next summer (both of which I am attending), I hope they’re playing those songs again.

I’m sure you’re sick of me now, so here’s the video.  If I find a better one on the you-tubes, I’ll post it.  The show ended like two hours ago, what do you expect?


Here’s North Star, a nice little acoustic number.  I think it’s about tied with Glastonbury in terms of quality.  Lyrically it’s much better but musically I prefer Glastonbury, even if it’s a little generic.  I think this next album will be really good.


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