Wednesday Link-O-Rama (Awful Inaugural Edition)

Randoms links from the unplumbed depths of the interwebs:

1.  Check out these really cool World War Two mash-up photographs.   I found them on Gizmodo (I can’t figure out where they came from to begin with), and they’re called “Time Portals.”  They’re stunning photos that merge current WW2 landmarks with old photos from the war.  Fascinating.

Time Portals (via Gizmodo)

2.  Rocky and Balls.  Come on, with a “band” name like that, you can’t go wrong.  Check out “The Skills Song.”  It’s really clever songwriting paired with catchy little melodies and some cute British girls.  And it’s mildly dirty.

Rocky and Balls

3.  Ok, the last two links were interesting and funny.  This one’s just…odd.  Here at Pure Ridiculousness, we love all things ridiculous and this very much ridiculous…almost pathetically so.  For the record, I like Brian May and I don’t think he’s a satanist.  But it’s blogs like this one that remind that even though my own blog is incredibly awful and barely readable, it’s crap like this site that make mine look a little better (still really bad though).

Brian May: The Devil Worshipping Illuminatist

Peace out, cub scouts.


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