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I’m just lazy

Nothing else really.  I’m settling into a new job so I haven’t been posting much or doing anything new and exciting, other than the job I just mentioned, weren’t you paying attention?  Not that anyone noticed I was missing or anything…


Just some photos

Eh, I’ve got nothing else today.

Shameless Not-Quite-Self Promotion

What I’m really promoting here is the Wawapalooza 4: Damaged Goods show at the Society Hill Playhouse.  It’s a comedy show featuring live sketches and short films and is part of the 2010 Philadelphia Fringe Show Live Arts Festival.  That’s a lot of words there.  This particular show runs from September 3 to September 10 on certain days and times.  You can find all the info here.  I think it’s something like $15 to get in and you get a free drink.  Worth it right there.

Now for the fun part.  I’m promoting this because a few of my photographs are being featured in a pre-show slideshow of local artists.  So if you’re in the city, want to catch some comedy, check out a few of my photos and get a free drink, you should stop by one of the nights it’s happening.

And don’t forget all the usual crap…check out my website, buy the magazine, all that blah blah blah.  Links are over on the right.

Only I would get excited about this.

So today I opened my new teacher’s edition for the textbook I’ll be teaching this year, and found this. Needless to say, I got so excited I fell out of my chair and peed myself with joy.

The world’s first digital camera

via Gizmodo (via the New York Times.  via Kodak.  In other words, this post is completely unoriginal and a sad excuse for blogging.  Sorry.)

Digital cameras are everywhere.  You can find them in your pocket, your phone, or buried in a teddy bear to catch the babysitter drinking your milk and not replacing it.  Or your wife/husband cheating on you, whatever you want.  There’s even a tiny digital camera staring at me right now in the form of a built-in webcam on the lid of my laptop.  I never use it, but that’s beside the point.

It’s hilarious to look at this massive chunk of machine and even think it could be considered a digital camera.  Does it upload to Facebook???  Even more fascinatingly, it recorded digital images on a CASSETTE TAPE and you could look at them on a TV.  Apparently, focus groups thought it was dumb and useless.  Brilliant.  What a shame.


I thought I had it bad…

Check out this 60 mile backup in China.  60.  miles.  SIXTY.  From construction.  Sixty miles.  Keep repeating that in your head.  It has to be made up.  Sixty miles.  Seriously.

I complain about traffic a lot.  I used to think it was some sort of crime against humanity that it took me 30 minutes to make the 4.5 mile drive to work.  If I were Chinese and stuck in a traffic jam where I moved .5 miles IN ONE DAY I would abandon my car in the middle of the highway and walk home.  I’d probably be better off in the long run.

Remind me never to go to China.

Pretty Mistakes

I make a lot of mistakes.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve taken a picture of something and gotten it up on my computer screen only to make a face that looks like I just ate broccoli.  It happens much more frequently that I’d like to admit; at a guess, I’d say approximately 85% of my photos end up looking like they were taken by someone with some debilitating illness, or at best, a 5-year old.  The lucky 15% turn out pretty good, with maybe 3 or 4 photos ending up being what I would consider presentable.

My crappy little cell phone photos are a different story.  The cheap processing makes bad photos seem quirky, which heightens the charm for me.  This one here is different.  I was messing around with my phone this morning while stuck in traffic, looking at some old shots I had taken over the weekend to see if there were any I liked.  The camera gods smiled on me and my finger brushed the shutter button on the screen and the phone snapped off this picture.  I didn’t even realize it at first, until this popped up on the screen.  It was a complete and total accident, but I really like it.  It’s quirky.

More Fun With Covers: Strawberry Fields

I had so much fun scouring the interwebs for versions of Creep that I thought I’d do it again…so, please enjoy this selection of unique, eclectic cover versions of Strawberry Fields Forever.  The Ben Harper version is my favorite.

Another new U2 song…

This one’s called “Every Breaking Wave,” a slow one in the vein of “North Star” and other slow, melodic U2 thangs.  I get a little “Kite” vibe in terms of the song’s complexity and such.  I don’t know what the “such” really stands for, I’m just going with my gut on it.

Overall, I don’t think it’s a bad song, but I’m a little disappointed.  Of the four new songs that have popped up (one of them being the instrumental introduction, “Return of the Stingray, which will be posted below as well), only one of them has been really rock-y, and that’s what I’ve been hoping to see U2 do.  Granted, “Stingray” has got some good rock to it, but those bubbly keyboard lines in the background are a little difficult to digest.  They’re a rock band, after all, and while the melodically ambitious songs are interesting and enjoyable overall, I want to hear some good U2 rock songs, along the lines of Vertigo, Elevation, I Will Follow, Out of Control, The Electric Co., or even Glastonbury.  After all, U2 has some definite punk rock roots and they’d do well to explore them again.  In rough terms, I would love to hear what would happen if Boy and No Line on the Horizon were to mashed up into some sort of musical love-child.

Of course, you should take this all with a grain of salt, because if Bono and Company were to release an album of 8-bit nursery rhyme covers, I’d buy it and rave about how brilliant it is.

Now, Bono has claimed that U2 will have a new album out within the next few months.  So I will hold a true analysis until I can hear a nice, clean, polished recording of these songs and not some crappy bootleg-quality camcorder audio, where most of the nuance is lost between the PA system and the awful microphones of a drunk fan’s camera phone.  But that said, U2’s future is certainly promising and I can only hope my few minor objections are just an overreaction on my part.

July can’t come soon enough.