Random Crap

Three things:

1. I would like to apologize to my reader (notice the singular) for the delay in posts. You see, I just had a baby. Well, not me, because I don’t have a uterus. My wife did all the work. I just “helped.”

2. You may remember, dear reader (whoever you are), that I promised myself a cookie if I made it 2 weeks on this piece of junk and I was still going. You should be happy to know I bought a double chocolate chip cookie from a mall stand, and it was pretty good. You can insert your own Larry David impersonation there; I know this blog is pretty lame but I still won’t go there.

3. Check out this video below. It’s pretty awesome. I want to live in that house. Well, not really (see Thing #1), but still that’s really cool. I think I’d like it for 3 days before I punched holes through the ceiling. Imagine if you had that house and a huuuuuuge lawn. I’m going to go laugh about that for a little while.


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