Things I’ve Been Grooving On Lately…

Musically, I mean.  First, I’ve really been loving the U2 Rose Bowl DVD thing.  Don’t act so surprised.  I have a problem, I know.

But otherwise, Animal Collective’s “In the Flowers” from their album Merriweather Post Pavilion is absolutely fantastic.  The whole album is fantastic, but that song, extra-fantastic.  It’s weird, experimental, electronic, droning and psychedelic (I’m pretty sure I hear “Blue Jay Way” in there somewhere…see, the Beatles are EVERYWHERE).  It has a rich sonic wall that’s really complex and textured; if you turn the lights out, slap on some headphones and just listen to it, it’s amazing the little things you can hear in there.  Give it a try.

Here’s a YouTube video for your viewing pleasure.  It will make you feel high.


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