Amanda Palmer + Radiohead + Ukulele = Ridiculous

Amanda Palmer has released a 7 song, download-only EP of Radiohead covers.  That in itself doesn’t sound too weird or anything; I’m a big fan of both Radiohead and The Dresden Dolls.  But when you consider that it’s recorded using a ukulele it gets pretty crazy.  Oh, but that’s not it.  You can own this piece of groundbreaking ukuleleness for the whopping price of $.84.  84.  Cents.  For the whole thing!  And it’s really good too!!!  That’s when it gets ridiculous, and here at Pure Ridiculousness I’m all about anything ridiculous, including this attempt to say “ridiculous” as many time as I can in this ridiculous sentence.

Here’s a video I dug up.  It’s not great but you can at least hear it.  Or you can break the bank and splurge on the download.  Check your sofa cushions.


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